Monday, July 27, 2015

Lake Lure, NC vacay!

We had such a great time on Lake Lure. We had visited a few years ago and loved it. This year we wanted a relaxing, non-flying trip so we decided to rent a lake house. Now renting a house still means I have to cook and stuff but it's all good since I like cooking. We were also able to take Joss with us and that was huge because we did not want to leave him alone for a week. He is still a kitty and likes us around.

So we packed all our stuff and headed out on July 4th. The house we rented was small but comfortable. It had 2 bedrooms and one bath. There were several stairs down to the lake. I hated the stairs but the lake is amazing. I love lakes because there are no sharks. Plus, there are no waves and the water is fresh. There is nothing like a lake.

Basically all we did was get up and eat. Then we went down to the lake and got into our floats and hang out on the lake all day. It was super fun and refreshing. We would then come back to the house and eat and then go fishing at dusk. One day some friends came up and we hung out with them. Then one two occasions we rented a pontoon boat for a few hours and we went boating and fishing. '

Lake Lure is so beautiful and peaceful. It is wonderful there. I know if we had money, we would have a house there. It is our dream to one day retire on a lake. It's a lofty dream but you never know. Right now, we will settle for renting a lake house but, hey, that's good too!!

These are pictures of the house and the views from the house. More pictures tomorrow!


  1. Oh, what a perfectly lovely vacation! I grew up spending summers at a lake, so I fully understand just what lake life is like, and there's really nothing else like it. Thanks for sharing. You've triggered a big bout of nostalgia for me….

  2. Oh, I am sooo jealous!! I have never heard of Lake Lure and I've lived here all my life. But I've had lots of vacays at lakes and it's awesome. We had a houseboat growing up and spent every minute we could on Lake Wateree. The house you rented is so pretty nestled in the trees like that. I agree with you about the stairs, but oh it is so worth it. Thanks for sharing your fun!

  3. Beautiful and so green. Cute house with a boathouse and chairs by the water.
    slehan at juno dot com

  4. I so need a vacation! That looks great!

  5. I really enjoy these photos, they are beautiful! I definitely could use a vacation.

  6. So nice and peaceful, you feel tranquil just looking at the pictures - I'd love a vacation here!